Computer Services

Our Solutions

What a great relief to you as an individual or business owner to know that technical support help is just a web click or phone call away! No need to pack up the computer or deal with overseas phone support. JeffTech is here to help with all your computer services.

  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • Low hourly rates and upfront pricing means you know the cost of technical support services before we even start.
  • Knowledgeable computer technicians and friendly staff at your service.
  • Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED

We can help protect your business from data loss, extensive downtime and security breaches. Our computer solutions can save you time, money and provide these benefits:

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Access to Expertise and Experience
  • Reduce Risks
  • After-Hours Accessibility

Another way we can assist your business is through tailored computer purchase recommendations. We’ll help you get the hardware and software your business needs and stay within budget.

Service Agreements

  • Short Term Contracts
  • Best Value
  • Priority Service

Hourly Rates

  • Low Prices
  • As-Needed

Per Project

  • Low Rates
  • Upfront Quotes
  • Work Flow Chart

Computer Support & Troubleshooting

On-site support services!

Our goal is to provide fast, affordable on-site computer repairs and services to home and small business users in South Florida. JeffTech has more than a 15 years of experience in servicing many major brand model computers including: Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Toshiba, and Gateway.

We Bring Our Computer Service To Your Location

What a great relief to you as an individual or as a business owner to know that help is just a phone call or email away! No need to box it up or deal with overseas phone support. JeffTech is a localbusiness ready to come to your home or business when you need us.

Our computer repair rates are low and most PC problems can be resolved in less than two hours!

We provide personal and professional service and fully guarantee our work. We will listen and understand your needs; we will respond quickly to your requests; and we will fulfill our commitment of complete customer satisfaction.

We offer telephone support when possible, consultation on purchasing personal computers, servers, personal computer repairs and upgrades, installation of new hardware into existing personal computer setups, software installation, personal computer maintenance – hardware and software, including: cleaning hardware, software optimization, safely removing of unwanted software such as popups, adware, and spyware.

Does your business need someone with computer expertise, and you cannot afford a full-time employee or technical support staff? Let JeffTech take care of all your computer needs.

With years of experience in the field you can utilize our expertise to manage complex migrations, deploy new technologies, neutralize security threats or simply support your end-users.

Services available from JeffTech:

  • Backup and Data Recovery
  • Computer and Hardware Support
  • Consulting
  • LAN/WAN Installation & Support
  • Network Security, VPN & Wireless Solutions
  • Email and Spam Solutions
  • Virus Removal and Services
  • Maintenance and Support Services

By contracting JeffTech to handle your company’s desktop support, we will enter all calls into call tracking software, provide an urgency classification, assign to an technician. The technician may request remote access into your PC or Mac for problem identification and resolution.

While resolution times depend on a number of factors including complexity, the availability of the client, access to external resources such as software fixes, and the existence of a solution, best efforts will be made to resolve problems or find workarounds, depending on urgency and the number of people affected.

Most PC related problems can be resolved remotely and if remote support is not effective, then a technician will be dispatched per your service agreement.

Benefits of our Desktop and Network Support

  • Reduce your IT Support cost
  • Rely on having your computers always working for you
  • All of your computers will be given monthly maintenance
  • You will have a 4 hour response time on having a tech on-site
  • You will have a complete computer inventory of all of your PC’s


Schedule one of our computer training sessions for you or your employees to be hosted at your work location or home. We’ve designed these on-site computer classes to give you as much knowledge as possible in a short period of time, allowing enhanced computer skills without any pressure!

On-Site Learning Benefits:

  • Empower You to Do More
  • Customized Instruction with Real World Solutions
  • A Consistent Experience for all
  • Flexible Scheduling


Managed IT Services

What is Managed Services?

Managed services is a set of IT responsibilities we proactively handle for our customers for flat or fixed monthly fee.

Why commit to a Service Level Agreement?

A managed services solution combines traditional technical support with a specified amount of operational support to meet your company’s IT needs. Some benefits of Managed Services are:

  • Higher levels of system performance
  • Improved cost controls and service quality
  • Enhanced system utilization
  • Optimized technology applications

All potential Managed Services clients are eligible for a free, no obligation, assessment of their current business technology infrastructure. We would be glad to show you how the value of Managed Services can work for you.

  • Proactive maintenance on servers and firewalls
  • Proactive maintenance on all workstations and laptops
  • Remote support
  • Service monitoring and system audits
  • Inventory and system reporting
  • Active security patch testing / patching
  • Software deployments and updates
  • Hardware error alerts and proactive repair
  • Alerts on system changes or software installation
  • E-mail security, Spam filtering / archiving
  • Disaster and Business continuity planning
  • Access to client portal
  • 24/7 support available
  • Our proactive approach allows us to be much more aware of potential issues that cause system down time and allow us to fix them before they result in service disruption.

Backup, Security & Anti-Virus

Backup, Security & Anti-Virus/Spyware Protection

  • Data backup solutions / Off-site data backup
  • Anti-virus and Spyware Proctection
  • Router & Firewall protection to protect your network and data