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Value: The quality was excellent and the prices very competitive. Once you place your first order and get on their mailing list, they regularly send emails about specials and free offers.

Versatility: You can create your own artwork (or hire Waters Designs) and upload it to VistaPrint. Or select from their hundreds of stock layouts and images.

Selection: VistaPrint sells business cards, brochures, notepads, pens, folders, flyers, postcards, tee shirts, hats, keychains, lawn signs, car door magnets and more!

Most of our orders arrive within 1- to 2-weeks, as I usually take advantage of their free shipping offers.


6 Tips for Exchanging Links


Establishing incoming links through link exchanges is an effective marketing tool. When done correctly, building inbound links can even improve your search engine ranking by increasing your link popularity, your website traffic, and providing a valuable resource for your site visitors.


1. Complete the website before launching your link exchange campaign.

2. Be sure your page of links is visible from your homepage.

3. Build your list of links slowly.

4. Exchange links with a handful of high quality sites and not with thousands of poor quality sites.

5. If the site you’re exchanging links with is not useful to your visitors then don’t do it. Only link out if it’s relevant.

6. Be choosy about who you link to. Don't link to websites full of spam then that raises the question of your credibility.



What is a high quality site?

A useful measure of a high quality site from a link exchange viewpoint is the Site Page Rank (PR). A site’s PR can be viewed using the Google Toolbar.


Sites with PR greater than 4 are great link partners. Keep in mind that new sites will have a low PR in the beginning. This doesn’t necessarily make them bad link partners.


Having no traffic is common problem for newly built websites or websites without any marketing. So how do we go about getting the word out? Well, before we can begin bragging about a website, we have to make sure it says exactly what we want it to say.


Content is King


It’s true that search engines want to see lots of relevant text on a page of your website, but as you write content for your website, remember the human visitor. Each selling page of the website should detail the features, benefits and results of the goods or services you are providing.


  • Features: Detail the various attributes of each product or service you offer.
  • Benefits: Explain the advantages of choosing your services or products over other choices.
  • Results: Tell what these benefits mean to the customer.



Take a good, long look at each product or service page of your website. Does it make sense to the visitor? Is it clear what you’re selling or what services you offer? Do the pages convey your organization’s message?


Spread the Word



  • Once you feel the content on your website is doing its job then take the next steps with your new website:

  • Article Marketing

  • Blog Comments

  • Directory Submissions

  • Forum Participation

  • Google Base (for e-commerce sites)

  • SEO for Right Keywords

If you’ve tried everything you know to drive traffic to your website and still aren’t seeing the results you hoped for, let us help.